Class Refunds

** Parents and Dancers. 

As advised via email we will be offering a couple virtual classes and have posted videos online to close off our session. 

We appreciate your understanding of this unique situation.  As a very small business, this is a challenging time for us.  We have invested in costumes and material for our show that is now canceled and we will not be in a position to offer a third session. Unfortunately, none of this is covered under any small business insurance leaving us with a very challenging situation.  At this time will will not be offering refunds for students that choose not to complete classes virtually.

Stay safe and thank you for your continued support**


We strive to offer and inclusive and fun environment for all our students to learn in.  Every once in a while a student realizes that dance is just not the activity for them.  We will offer a full refund to any parents that requests a refund prior to the start of the 3rd class.   After the 3rd class we will only accept a doctors note and supply a pro-rated refund for the remaining classes minus a 10$ administrative charge.  There are no exceptions to this policy. we thank you for your understanding.

Please take note that some schools have a third session. Since the session is shorter, no refunds will be issued after the 2nd class.

Missed Classes:

We make every effort to ensure that all participants are aware of their class.  We provide student lists to the school and all the teachers.  In addition on the day of class, we ask that the school administration call the missing students.  We, unfortunately do not have the resources to track down every missing student.  Please ensure that your child is aware that they have dance class and that they show up to class.  Refunds for missed classed will not be issued under any circumstances.

Snow Days:

Snow days are considered as normal school operating days (dance classes are running).  If the studio decides to cancel a class to ensure the safety of our teachers we will ensure the class is made up at the end of the session.  An email will be sent to participants should a class be canceled.

2019-2020 Strike Days:

The studio fully supports the teaching staff and their efforts to ensure a better teaching environment for all students.  Unfortunately planned or unplanned strike days may affect dance classes in our schools in Ontario.  We are sensitive that this impacts our students and parents alike and will do everything in our power to ensure our dance students are ready for their recital.  Unfortunately missed classes due to strike days will not be refunded or added on at the end of the session.