About Us

Our History

The arts program was initiated by three teachers, some thirty 30 years ago. All three were parents and felt that the joy of the arts was lost for many children who would not be exposed to it’s merits and enjoyment..

Patricia Bishop Bolduc was an early child specialist (Mc Gill university) with extensive dance experience. Marilyn Croll, was a piano teacher with a masters degree in music and Mary McKay-Smith was also an early child specialist and writer/author for many children’s television programs and books.

These three women developed an Arts program which included dance, music and drama. The program was designed to enhance a child’s experience in the arts and to promote the fine arts within the school population. Every child was welcome and encouraged to perform to his or her own level and above all, to have fun within these disciplines.

Scholarships were offered to those who could not pay the nominal fees. In those early days the program had about sixty students, the enthusiasm and the excellent work of these founders made sure that through the years hundreds of students happily participate in the program. Over the years it has expanded to several schools and districts. Ms. Croll and McKay-Smith left the program to pursue a career in music and television respectively. The dance program remained in several schools and has achieved great success as a creative arts program. After 25 years of teaching and promoting dance 25 Patricia Bishop Bolduc announced her retirement. This news was viewed as a great loss by her students and team of teachers. In 2011, Jacynthe Chénier with seven years of teaching experience within the school dance programs, followed in Patricia’s dance-steps. She continues in offering the same exceptional dance program both in french and english, she is also working on expanding by teaching in more schools and offering a class for returning students that graduate the 6th grade .

Your Director

Jacynthe Chénier

Director, owner and choreographer.10009591_10153955773140230_402500287_n
Jazz, hip hop, salsa, jive and lyrical

Jacynthe began dance lessons at the age of seven (7) years old. She has obtained several degrees in the field during her studies at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

She has several years of experience in the art scene, her training in singing allowed her to sing along with the Theatre lyrique de Hull.
Her greatest pride is to have won a singing audition and having the privilege to perform with one of our greatest Canadian artists, Shania Twain at the Molson Centre in Montreal.

With, fourteen (14) years of competitive figure skating and a gold medal in the preliminary of the Games of Quebec pushed her to want to acquire excellence in everything she does.
In 2003, She pursued her passion for teaching dance when she joined “Noon dance program”.

In 2011, she took over the direction of the dance program when the founder, Patricia Bolduc Bishop announced her retirement. Since that day, her goal has been to help children discover the art of dance. With a great team, the dance program has become a place where she can fulfill her dreams and be a place where children can have fun while learning creative movement.